Teething Rings For Babies

Babies like to explore their surroundings with their mouths. Cuddly toys, building blocks and mom’s sweater are regularly checked for their taste. Even in front of table tops, playpen lattices or exciting doorknobs, curious baby movers do not stop. If then announce the first little teeth , licking alone is no longer enough. At least now is the right time to offer a teething ring.

teething rings

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The gums are irritated and reddened in teething babies. Back pressure helps against toothache pain . Babies like to bite on hard objects. Teething rings are particularly well suited for this.

Teething Rings And Alternatives Best Teething Toys

Teething rings are available in different shapes and colors. Many of them have an additional game function. They fit well in babies hand, come out without corners and edges and can be easily cleaned with hot water and mild detergent. The specimens with liquid inside are stored in the refrigerator before use in babies mouth. The cooling effect also helps against toothache pain.

Before the invention of the teething ring, parents had their teething babies chewed on foods such as hard loaves, apples or carrots. Dentists advise against this from now on. In combination with saliva can cause caries-causing acids that attack the teeth. Even if no teeth are present, the growth of bacteria may be favored. In addition, there is the risk of accidental ingestion. A better alternative is the violet root available in drugstores. The root releases soothing and soothing ingredients while chewing. However, to keep it hygienic, it must be boiled at regular intervals.

Plastic, Wooden Teething Ring Or Natural Rubber?

Most teething rings are made of plastic. Here you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s note “Free of phosphates”. As an alternative to the plastic rings, there are also copies of untreated wood or natural rubber. When choosing the right ring also help current tests.


Updated: January 31, 2018 — 5:02 pm