Is My Baby Teething How We Know

The first little tooth can hurt. To deal with pain must also learn babies. A lot of patience and calm help your baby.

is my baby teething

Care of the first teeth

Is My Baby Teething ?

The rest is due to the “shooting in” of the lower incisors in the jaw. The period of teething can last up to 8 weeks. Only then is the first little tooth visible. Parents find this a very unpleasant time. The right way to deal with the pain is very important now. Teething and the signs

The symptoms mentioned can occur during teething . If your baby is teething and you notice diarrhea and fever , you should consult your pediatrician or the dentist , because there can always be an infection behind the fever.

How Can I Help Quickly?

Many children help with toothache when they can bite something cool. This could be vegetables, for example, which you had previously stored in the fridge. Or special teething rings that you can put in the fridge promise help. If all this does not help, you can still ask in the pharmacy for medians . This relieves the pain in the short term.

Care Of The First Teeth

Even the first tooth needs to be well cared for. Of course, genes also play a role in the health of baby teeth. The right baby tooth care from the beginning, but is very important at the first tooth. Did you know that breast milk also contains lactose and that it is very important that you should clean your teeth from the very first tooth on. Otherwise it can happen that caries is triggered?

For the first porridge are often given sweet drinks or teas. Please do not give such foods at night. Instead, you’d better give your baby boiled water. When your baby is nine months old, you should get your baby used to drinking from a cup. Sucking on the bottle favors tooth decay and is hard to get used to if the bottle is given too long.

With the toothbrush and toothpaste, you should brush your child’s teeth twice a day . Many parents use a finger brush after teething, so as not to damage the baby’s mouth by fiddling the baby. When it comes to toothpaste, it is only important to make sure to take one with fluoride . In addition, it is always better to use an unsweetened



Updated: January 31, 2018 — 4:43 pm