How to Soothe a Teething Baby

When your baby is teething, it is in great pain. Baby world gives 10 tips on how to relieve this pain with natural home remedies for soothe teething baby.

There are babies who get their teeth almost without a muck, while others have great pain.Baby Worlds has put together 10 tips that can relieve the pain of teething.

Soothe a Teething Baby

Soothe a Teething Baby

Teething Ring

You will notice it immediately: Now your baby takes everything it can into his mouth. And if there is nothing, it slobbers and sucks on his fingers.

In drugstores and specialty stores special silicone teething rings are available, filled with water or made of wood, on which your baby can bite to his heart’s content. Prefer fixed teething rings to those filled with a liquid. These could be damaged and the liquid could leak. In addition, they can not be sterilized so well.

teething ring, teething, pain tooth, wooden teething ringSince coolness relieves the pain, increase the chewing effect by keeping the teething ring in the refrigerator. Caution: Do not put it in the freezer, it would be too cold and it could cause cold damage to the gums or the baby’s hand.

A good, natural teething ring are also marshmallow and violet roots. And even a wooden spoon does its good job when you do not have anything else to hand.

 Food For Chewing

If your baby already has Beikost, you can give him a carrot, cucumber, unsweetened rusk or a hard bread crust for chewing.

But beware : Do not leave your baby unattended, it could swallow.

Nuggi (pacifier)

Instead of the teething ring also helps the Nuggi. Because on the Nuggi your baby can bite around, in addition, the sucking reflex is stimulated, which in turn has a soothing and pain-relieving effect.

Now check the nuggets often, because you will now have to exchange some “bitten” nuggets.

Necklaces Made Of Amber

Really a benefit: The good old amber necklace is often used by many midwives and lactation consultants as home remedies for teething. However, experts agree that it is more faith than scientific help. Nevertheless – it is always worth a try:

If you put an amber necklace on your baby, it is important that the slightly warming amber is directly on the skin. The stones release the so-called succinic acid in tiny amounts, which accelerate wound healing, relieve muscle pain, fight throat infections and infections in the ear and stomach. Succinic acid also helps with respiratory problems and can reduce the symptoms of colic and reduce acid reflux.

Caution : Make sure that the chain is neither too long nor too short, but loosely around the neck.

Ice Cream Or Ice Cubes

Cold has a slightly pain-inducing effect. If your baby already has complementary foods, you can also offer him cream ice cream, cold yoghurt or cottage cheese.

If your baby is in great pain and allows it, you can easily rub over the painful area with an ice cube. This stuns the gums easily.

Massage The Gums

For a short-term relief of pain, you can also massage the gums with a gentle pressure – but only if it is not inflamed!

Simply take your index finger (wash your hands first) and press the affected areas.

You can enhance the effect of massaging by massaging:

  • Vanilla contains natural substances that have a calming effect.
  • chilled cottage cheese.
  • Dried clove flower buds can relieve toothache. But the essential oil of the cloves is very strong, so you should dilute it with plenty of olive oil (or another cold pressed oil). Try the solution yourself before rubbing it on your baby’s gums.

Breast Feeding

if it has special pain. If you breastfeed or give it a puff, sucking is reassuring and helps to forget the pain.

Keep your baby close to you, as direct skin contact also has a pain-relieving effect.

When you breastfeed your baby, it also has the benefit of helping your baby’s teeth grow properly, helping to prevent possible malpositions.


In between, give your baby some freshly prepared chamomile or sage tea. These plants are slightly anti-inflammatory and soothe the pain. You can also dab the tea directly on the gums.


In pharmacies and drugstores, you will find special  which are mixtures of homeopathic remedies that have been specially formulated for babies. Place the indicated number of these globules in the side of your baby’s mouth or dissolve the globules in some water and spoon the water into your baby with a spoon.

If you are already experienced in dealing with homeopathy, the following remedies can be used.

  • Chamomilla recutita (chamomile) against the pain associated with restlessness and / or red cheeks.
  • Calcium carbonicum accelerates the breaking of teeth.
  • Calcium phosphoricum facilitates the breaking of teeth and counteracts dental diarrhea.
  • Ferrum phosphoricum helps with fever, diarrhea, restlessness and insomnia
  • Pulsation helps if your child is extremely tearful and affectionate.

Carry Your Child

Babies are all the more sensitive to pain the more they feel alone. If your baby is teething, you should keep it close to you as often as possible. Because feeling your heartbeat calms down and gives you security.



Updated: January 31, 2018 — 3:55 pm