How To Baby Teething Pain Relief

When the first teeth break, it is very painful for most babies and very stressful for parents. With a few tricks you can make teething a little more bearable for your baby. Much affection and the classic teething ring promise as much relief as painkilling gels or natural remedies.

teething pain

baby teething pain

What Causes Pain When Teething?

The time in which the first teeth break is very painful for most babies and very stressful for parents. The teeth shoot into the jaw causing swelling and pain. Often, shooting is more painful than breaking the teeth. Especially the eruption of the molars can be more unpleasant than the breakthrough of the other teeth, as they are the largest. The severity of teething pain varies from child to child: your child may be very sensitive, but may feel a slight discomfort. During this time, you should treat your baby with special care.

How Can You Relief The Pain Of Teething?

With a few simple remedies you can try to make your baby’s teething a little more bearable.

  • If the first tooth breaks through, an analgesic gel or ointment can help you gently apply your baby to the affected areas of the gums and gently massage in.
  • To cool the jaw and palate and give your baby some relief, you can give him a teether that you have refrigerated in the fridge. Something cool and hard for chewing reduces the feeling of tension when teething.
  • A cold spoon also gives a cooling effect.
  • If you gently massage the toes of your baby’s toes, it can also be pain-relieving. “Why?” Some now ask themselves – quite simply: There are the reflex zones of the toothed ridges and a massage can bring some relief.
  • You can also relieve your baby’s pain while teething by putting a cool washcloth on his cheeks or giving him a chilled piece of fruit or vegetables. Sometimes a piece of bread helps your baby to chew for a while. But please never leave your child unobserved, because it could swallow the piece of bread or fruit.

Natural Remedy For Pain When Teething

But also a number of natural remedies can relieve the pain while teething.

  • At the same time have a disinfecting and analgesic effect violet roots. You can buy these in the health food store or in the pharmacy. Biting on the root relieves the pain. The roots contain essential oils and have a pleasant taste. Also the contained mucilage should be involved in the effect. For hygienic reasons, you should put the violet root again and again in boiling water and then let it hang hanging, so that they do not become a breeding ground for microorganisms.
  • Camomile and sage also have a similar effect. They have an anti-inflammatory effect and relieve the pain. As a tincture, you can apply chamomile and sage with a cotton swab to your gums, for example.

Some babies are more susceptible to disease during teething and more often have diarrhea or abdominal pain. How you can treat these side effects while teething, you will find out in the pharmacy of your confidence. But if the burden on your baby is getting too big and you can not help yourself, talk to your pediatrician. In our expert group ” dental care tips for children ” you will of course also get many useful tips.


Updated: January 31, 2018 — 4:07 pm