homeopathic for teething

Homeopathic is often recommended by alternative physicians for the treatment of classic childhood diseases. Find out here about the most common complaints and which homeopathic remedies are prescribed for teething.

In the past, teething was seen as something natural. Mostly you simply waited or administered home remedies. Today, alternative physicians are focusing more on this time and their remedies and are trying to put more emphasis on the formation of the defenses and homeopathic remedies for childhood illnesses, rather than high-dose drugs to combat pathogens.

homeopathic teething

Homeopathic Help With Teething?

How Does Homeopathic Help With Teething?

Homeopathy recommends many remedies that can be used to specifically influence teething. They are prescribed as preventive, symptomatic or follow-up. The so-called nos odes have taken a firm place in homeopathic therapy. They are homeopathic remedies. which are obtained from pathogens, excretory products of infectious diseases and endogenous tissue. Nos odes are supposed to stimulate the immune system and the diseased organs of the child. They are therefore recommended by homeopaths not only for the treatment of already erupted diseases, but also for infection prevention.

Homeopathy Can Help With These Teething

  • Mumps : This disease is highly contagious. Your child has an infection, fever, swollen salivary glands and difficulty swallowing.
  • Chickenpox : They are one of the most common childhood diseases, are highly contagious, but rather harmless. Chickenpox is characterized by red spots and itchy, water-filled blisters, which crust after bursting and extend over the entire body of your child
  • Measles : Measles are a serious childhood disease that almost always starts with fever and cold symptoms. Soon, the typical, coarse-red rash will show up.
  • Three-day fever : The three-day fever is one of the infectious viral infections that are usually harmless. The infection is accompanied by high fever and a rash that spreads over the entire body of the child. Learn in our dictionary of homeopathy


Updated: January 31, 2018 — 4:58 pm