Baby Teething Rash

Within the first few months of life, babies begin to get teeth.This is often referred to as “teething”. Again and again parents report a rash of their baby while teething. In fact, it is often possible to establish a temporal relationship between teething and the occurrence of a skin rash that is not due to another cause (atopic dermatitis, infections such as scarlet fever, chickenpox). The rash manifests itself as a reddening of the skin that can either be uniform or spotty throughout. It is generally not limited to specific areas of the body, but in most cases it occurs in the joints, in the mouth (due to the frequently increased flow of saliva) or on the buttocks. Since the rash is often accompanied by itching, it can be a major burden for both child and parent alike. Teething is very uncomplicated for some children.

Treatment for Rash

Rash on teething baby

rash during teething is not defined as such. Also, a rash is not common . Occasionally, slight redness can be seen around the cheeks. Rashes that affect other parts of the body or that have other symptoms, such as fever, are more likely to indicate another condition.


Rashes are not uncommon among babies. Especially in the time when the children start to get their first teeth, harmless infections are common. The children’s immune system is developing and getting to know new viruses and bacteria. Rashes and other symptoms are therefore common. However, one should not mistakenly associate it with teething: In itself, teething does not lead to skin rashes. However, the simultaneous occurrence of rashes and the growth of new teeth is often given. Most viruses are responsible.

A well-defined relationship between rash and teething in the baby can be described only for specific locations of the rash. Thus, the breaking of the tooth first creates a penetration port for pathogens, which causes inflammation of the oral cavity , especially of the gums. But this inflammation can lead to a swelling and redness of the baby’s cheeks, which may resemble a rash. However, the inflammation also results in an increased salivation and thus increased ” drooling “. The permanent moistening of the skin around the mouth eventually leads to the typical perioral rash around the mouth.

rash on the buttocks during teething is attributed to the fact that the emergence of the above-described penetration ports enriches the saliva with germs which, by swallowing the saliva, finally enter the stool and urine. The situation is different with a rash in the joints during teething. This may reflect a so-called teething eczema. The term eczema (atopic dermatitis) describes the existing in some people increased predisposition to the formation of non-infectious skin rashes. Often the eczema manifests itself for the first time during teething, since the latter is a heavy burden on the organism of the baby. The rash as part of a Tooth eczema is more likely than spotty

Treatment For Rash On Teething Baby

If the rash in the baby is actually to be considered in connection with teething and other causes (especially infections) could be ruled out, skin care of the affected body regions is of central importance. Various ointments and creams are available, some of which are based on botanical. For this, a consultation in the pharmacy is recommended.

Since teething is not a disease but a natural developmental step, it does not require therapy or treatment. Parents should face teething with serenity and calm . This also helps to calm the child. A gentle massage of the swollen gums or the provision of teething rings can help alleviate the baby’s discomfort. Alternatively, the baby can be given cold carrots or bread edges to nibble: The pressure on the gums is often perceived as pleasant because it counteracts the pain of teething.
A rash when teething also requires no therapy, if it is just the slight redness of the facial skin, which can occur when teething. However, right rashes do not occur due to teething, but have another cause . Depending on the cause then takes place a treatment of the rash. It is best to seek advice from your pediatrician . Maybe the baby needs special skin care or something similar. When rash around the mouth and at the bottom, it is important and very effective to pay attention to a permanent dry keeping of the skin. In Pobereich suitable for example deposits.

During teething, babies tend to put fingers in their mouths and bite them. This results from the fact that a load of the jaw bone by the biting relieves the Kiefer and relieves thus the pain.

What Else Should Help With Teething

Parents who are convinced of homeopathic remedies can try to relieve the symptoms with homeopathic mixed preparations. The over-the-counter remedies.

When it comes to ” getting teeth” , no child is like the other. The symptoms of teething are very different. Some babies seem to notice little of teething. The parents discover by chance that a new tooth has broken through again. Other children suffer significantly and sometimes over a long period of time.


Updated: January 31, 2018 — 4:45 pm