Advice For Teething Babies

The first tooth is a big event and another step in your baby’s development. As joyous as this event is, it can be just as painful and exhausting. On average, from the 6th month of life, the teeth begin to break through in batches. For most babies, the middle incisors in the lower jaw are the first to look here is some advice for parents.


Teething Babies

Typical Symptoms

Especially with the first baby, many parents are overwhelmed and can not quite accurately assign the changed nature of their baby. Experienced parents are sure to know what to look for and whether it is really only the teeth or a more serious disease behind it. But even here, babies develop absolutely differently. Some babies get their teeth almost painless and without major side effects and some babies suffer massively from the tooth breakage.

Typical Symptoms Include:

  • Your baby is increasingly putting his own hand or tangible objects in his mouth and chewing on it.
  • It sabbert increased, possibly even sores are visible
  • The cheeks are red and warm
  • Your baby has little appetite and refuses food
  • Your baby is increasingly mumbling, sleeping badly, and being unbalanced
  • The gums are swollen or red
  • Your baby needs a lot of body contact and closeness
  • Your baby always wants to breast (breast milk relieves the pain)
  • Fever and diarrhea can also be side effects
  • Soreness especially on the butt

Advice For Parents -Teething Babies

In order for your baby to have less pain, there is a lot you can do to help.

  • With clean fingers and special silicone fingerlings you can gently massage the baby’s gums. Of course not every child likes that, so it just helps to try out if this method really brings relief.
  • A relaxing foot reflexology massage can also soothe your baby. For that, you just have to massage the tips of your baby’s toes. Because there are the reflex zones of the toothed racks.
  • It is especially important to keep your baby’s neck and chest dry. Because of the increased salivation, it can be fast, that the rompers or body is wet or wet. This quickly leads to colds. Therefore, in the time of tooth eruption, always keep a bib or neckerchief around.
  • In addition, creaming is very important in the teething phase, especially on the mouth and buttocks. This protects your baby from getting sore and additionally causing pain. Good greasy moisturizers are very helpful in this phase.
  • Teething rings are a real relief for babies. So they can help themselves and “chew away” their pain. It is particularly helpful to put the teething ring in the fridge beforehand. If you do not have one, a cold washcloth is also good for biting around.
  • Homoeopathic globules such as Osanit, Belladonnna and Chamomilla can also relieve toothache.
  • The violet root helped us a lot. It is considered pain-relieving and at the same time disinfecting. Violet roots you get in the pharmacy. Your baby can bite on the root, thus relieving teething. But it is important to boil the root again and again to kill bacteria.
  • But the best thing is still distraction and a lot of body contact. Try to give your baby a lot of peace, love and security. So you will survive this difficult phase together.


I as mom, can only advise all moms of teething babies, keep calm. For cuddling and security has worked wonders for us. The calmer and more relaxed I was, the faster my two girls relaxed. We also use the Dentinox Tooth Gel. On hard days, it helped to apply this gel easily on the reddened areas.

In addition, my two girls had amber necklaces, whether they really eased the pain, I can not say, since we had them permanently. But I can say that we had very little problems with the teeth of our girls.

Fortunately we were almost always spared fever and diarrhea. The only thing we really used very intensively was the violet root. Then both girls chewed around. You could really tell how well they did and how they always put it in the corner of the mouth where it hurt. Here you can not forget, as I said, to boil it down. That was always my evening program before going to sleep. So I never forgot it and always had a fresh root at hand.

As a two-time mom, I now know that it’s just important to stay relaxed. Even though it’s hard on many days and you’re just tired, my girls, for example, always helped a lot when I sang a little song to them. Thus, they calmed down quickly and the violet root did the rest. Therefore dear mothers, do not stress, stay relaxed. So you too will come through this difficult but important phase of your baby.

Updated: January 31, 2018 — 3:48 pm